Critique Boutique

Introducing the NSWA Critique Boutique
(This is a pilot initiative for the benefit of all NSWA members.Let’s all work together to make it a success!)

The purpose of the Critique Boutique is to provide a forum for NSWA members to give and receive feedback on their writing from other members. The NSWA believes that writers supporting writers through the exchange of constructive critiques is a powerful tool for improving our craft.

Members wishing to have their writing critiqued:

  1. May post up to 2000 words per submission;
  2. Email the submission as a Word document to;
  3. A brief description of the submission should be supplied, especially noting any sensitive content (e.g., violence, sexuality, or possible trigger issues);
  4. Include a 1-2 sentence summary of what your submission is, to help inform your readers in their critique;
  5. Date and title your submission, and include an email address where readers can send you their comments & feedback;
  6. Each posting may stay up on the site for a maximum of three (3) months, after which they will be removed;
  7. By posting their submission, the member agrees to waive any and all claims for damages or libel against the NSWA or its members;
  8. If you find a critique helpful, consider thanking the reviewer by email;
  9. If you receive a critique that you don’t like, simply delete it. Remember, it is only one person’s opinion; and
  10. If you find a critique nasty or unfair, contact Vice-president Rod Baker (see below).

Members wishing to offer critique:

  1. May do so by downloading the Word document from this site;
  2. You might consider using ‘Track Changes’ under the Review tab for your comments;
  3. All comments should be empathetic and respectful, with the view of helping the writer improve their piece. A balanced critique recognizes both the positive aspects of the submitted work, as well as considerations for change;
  4. Email your critiques directly to the writer, not to this site; and
  5. Members agree not to distribute any submission to any third party.

Critique Tips:

As you read the work, comment on what works/doesn’t work for you as a reader and why. Complaints about submissions or critiques should be emailed to the NSWA Vice President, Rod Baker at

Current Works Requesting Critique

Dick Mussel and the Air raid shelter
Posted Dec 12, 2020

Young lads having fun. This will form part of a new book of non-fiction short stories. All and any critique welcome. (1,982 words)

Peter Pan
Posted Nov 21, 2020

A magical boy named Peter Pan flies into their bedroom, supposedly in pursuit of his rebellious shadow.